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Super Web Design Hacks to Boost Business Exponentially

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By web design hacks you can Expand your business today inevitably requires a careful optimization campaign for your online space. Nothing can stand in the way of your business’s development like irritatingly slow-loading pages, cluttered website design, and a not mobile-friendly, so to speak.

It means that this website condition performs both ways. So if you are able to invest some effort and time in improving the layout of your website and also its overall functionality, you can put yourself in a position where you will get more traffic and higher viewership and visitor numbers going all the way to the checkout area.

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The thing is, the audience on the internet tend to have a short attention time, so it can sometimes be hard to get them to stick with something special they see online – especially if the design of the site isn’t precisely inviting either.

So, what you want to use here as the owner of an online business, or at least part of an online business, would be a fusion of great content along with the SEO, and then a great looking website design that attracts new consumers and makes the existing customer stick with your brand.

In this blog, our focus point will be the second part of this equation. We have put together a couple of examples of the most helpful strategies you can take to make your business run as steadily as a flash and grow fast.

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Optimization For Mobile Devices

One of the great ways to make sure that you lose a huge audience of potential clients would be not to well-optimize your site for mobile devices.

The thing is, for many Internet surfers today, mobile devices are the gadgets of choice, so it would be a missed opportunity not to optimize your website for them. Currently, this would be mostly true, as visiting different websites by mobile devices is becoming a rapidly spreading fact.

Of course, unless you’re a professional programmer, you’ll have to spend some money to make your website mobile-friendly, however it’s nothing compared to the money you can suffer if you don’t.

Another feature of optimization for mobile devices would be Search Engine Optimization, which is present wherever there is a touch of text, regardless what format. (Heck, even the fine print that matches images can be optimized for SEO. If you plan to get help from an SEO company, they will happily shoot up like mushrooms after rain, so you won’t have much difficulty to finding one.

So, if you haven’t yet optimized your site for mobile devices and are amassing a budget to improve your site in any way, this ought to be one of the initial entries on your site improvement to-do list.

Improve Website Loading Speed

The thing that is ensured to drive even the most loyal customers and visitors from your website is slow loading.

When it comes to the aforesaid low attention time period of the internet-savvy audience, the very common breach of contract will have to wait for the browser to load a huge video or image. Regardless how great the content is, those visitors will wait forever to load it if it is not available within a few seconds, chances are good that they will simply leave the site completely and go somewhere else.

To prevent this awful turn of events, in which irritated users leave your web-page with excellent content just because it takes time longer then usual to load it, make the loading procedure snappy and try to use compressed images and files when you have them in the content in your web design hacks.

Consider The Use of Parallax Scrolling

Monotonous-like text interspersed here and there with only a few low-resolution images, which makes visitors so willing to give up everything in favor of something more colorful and easier to access.

One of the best solutions you can apply to combat this would be the Parallax scroll mechanism. What this does for your site is that it has a bottom of field, a definite three-dimensional effect that makes the user feel like visiting a place rather than reading a magazine.

The best thing regarding this scroll mechanism is that it’s not that hard to integrate it into your site design, but it can completely enhance the way your site visitors view both the information on the website you present to them and the way they view your business and brand as a whole.

Using Custom Fonts in web design hacks

Since the majority of people are, so to speak, primarily visual animals, the first line of defense against boring visitors is to typically make the text interesting and easy to read for most of the screen.

What we are going to propose is a double-edged sword, but if you do it right, you increase the likelihood that someone who visits your site will stay on it a little longer than usual. What you want to do is use a new and interesting font to make people instantly what they are writing during web design hacks.

Of course, you also need to practice the right spacing and formatting, but the writing itself can play an important role in how interested your audience will be in reading the text you offer them.

As for the double-edged space thing we mentioned above, it’s important not to exaggerate it. As funny and attractive as fonts can be, they can also be distracting and annoying, especially if you use bright colors that don’t fit too well with the background.


Although chatbots are not necessarily the best solution for a website when it comes to communicating with your customers and visitors, they are better than nothing because they make the people who surf your website feel like they are being properly supported at all times.

The great thing about chatbots is that they’re not that difficult to set up, so it’s not like you have to spend an arm and a leg to organize this for your website.

It can also reduce the pressure on your customer support, as a lot of the questions your visitors have about your website can be addressed by these programmed online robots.

Make The Landing Page Animated

But try not to make it so animated that it requires a terabyte of resources to load it.

People tend to like animations because they are visually engaging, easy to follow, and usually much shorter than reading what is explained in the video. Also, a well-made video serves as proof of your investment in your website and your audience. In other words, it shows your customers that you care about them.

Another thing the CTA’s do with a video tends to be a pretty effective strategy to get your visitors to buy, so there’s that as well.

Avoid Using Stock Photos

This approach can be a bit difficult, especially if you’re just starting out and can’t afford your photographer. However, if you can afford it, hire someone or do it yourself if you have the know-how and equipment, because it will make a big difference to how your visitors perceive you.

All in all, the great thing about optimizing your website is that it doesn’t have to be a quick process that you either have to do immediately or watch your business crash and burn. The sooner you can optimize your website, the better, of course, but even adding the above components gradually would be a useful way to improve your business status.



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