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What Are Real Instagram Followers?


Everyone likes to have a lot of followers on Instagram and why not? Having a lot of followers is considered a sign that you are well known, successful, and popular, Business and brands are continuously working on building a social media presence as our generation is going more and more online with every passing day.

However sometimes in the insatiable wish of garnering more followers on Instagram, we stray a bit away from our true goal, that is to earn genuine and real Instagram followers. There are many different ways to get followers on Instagram and most of them demand a lot of time and effort which not everyone can devote due to their jam-packed schedules filled with meetings and other work. To compensate for this, people tend to look for other options and often end up buying Instagram followers. 

Those bought followers are not real. They are just Instagram bots against which the company is actively working against. Instagram frequently updates its securities which works on removing these bots. Also, since they are mostly bots or inactive accounts, they do not engage with your posts at all and hence they do nothing to increase your reach other than being a mere mass of numbers in your follower count section.

Real Instagram followers are actually genuine Instagram accounts that are actively used by real users. They engage with the content you post, they like your posts and share them with their friends. They view and share your stories. All these things result in the genuine growth of your account that leads to your popularity being increased and people being more aware of your business and brand. But, with this, the question arises β€œhow do I get real Instagram followers?”.

How To Get Real Instagram Followers?

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The key to getting real Instagram followers is to understand that buying the followers is not the answer, buy the service instead. Websites like Nitreo offer services that help you garner lots of real and genuine followers on Instagram.

They actually sit and do the manual work for you so that you can be sure that the followers. You obtain are not bots but real accounts who show an active interest in your business and who will actively engage with your content. Nitreo provides the service and that service devotes their time and effort towards growing your account manually and genuinely.

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What Is Nitreo And How To Use Its Services?

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Nitreo is an online company whose main goal is to help its customers gain the most real and organic Instagram followers. They use the most efficient and effortful technique and promise to give excellent results in record time. This is how you can get started:

  1. Add your Instagram account and let them know what type of account you run, whether it is a business account or an influencer account. Knowing your account type helps them to gain followers that are suitable for you.
  2. Next, you will be requested to add 5 hashtags and 5 accounts that are similar to your account. This helps in narrowing down the target audience and speeding up the process of gaining more realInstagram followers.
  3. Now you just have to log in to your account and Nitreo starts doing its work. It will use the information you provided and start working towards gaining followers, you will see the results in a few days. Real organic growth. You will notice more people checking your profile, viewing your stories, and liking your posts. All real people and no bots.
  4. Nitreo will start providing improvements and suggestions that can help you speed up your follower gaining process. It will suggest the type of posts your viewers enjoy the most and trending hashtags that get the most attention from the crowd.
  5. Please note that your passwords are not stored in any way, they are 100% secured and encrypted and can not be seen by anyone.

How Does Nitreo Guarantee Real Instagram Followers?

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They use the most advanced techniques to find out the target audience which will be the most suitable for your account and work day and night to get them to follow you. Some of their techniques include:

  1. Follow For Follow: This is the most basic and commonly used method to increase your follower count on Instagram. This works the best too. You follow a bunch of people so that they follow you back and a few days later you unfollow them, however, they still keep following you which results in increased follower count.
  2. Just Hash It: Usage of hashtags are really important to make your brand or business visible on the explore section of Instagram. The golden page where all users head to discover new content and accounts. Nitreo makes sure they use the most trending hashtags that are relevant to your product or brand and make your account visible better.
  3. Watch A Story, Maybe: Viewing people’s stories leaves a mark on your presence on their accounts. Which leads to them being curious about you and checking your page out. Nitreo services sit and watch hundreds of stories of people who are the target audience for your account and leave a mark on your account in their minds. This leads to increased traffic on your page and definitely increases your chances of getting more real Instagram followers.
  4. Neighbourhood Heroes: Nitreo focuses on getting more real followers depending on the location. They focus on finding people who live in the same place or nearby to the place of your business or brand operation. This helps you get more real followers and also potential real-time customers who can come and check out your business since it’s in their vicinity. 
  5. Similar Users: Engaging with the people who may be in a similar line of work as you help both the parties in getting more followers. Their followers will find your account and want to explore and your followers will find theirs. It’s a Win-Win!

Is Nitreo Costly?

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Not at all! Their services are very cost-efficient with the very basic plan starting from just $1.63 a day. Which costs less than a cup of coffee! So you can relax and let Nitreo handle the work of getting you authentic and real Instagram followers.


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