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Why does the residential need access control


For the old residential areas, in the past, the traditional access control intercom system was basically adopted. With the passage of time and the improvement of living standards, the problems of these equipment have become increasingly prominent. Single function, complex wiring, lack of operational opportunities, not only affect the daily life of residents, property maintenance is more difficult.

Access control system not only retains the traditional credit card, password and other open door, but also supports dynamic face recognition open door, residents in advance on the mobile phone APP input their own face information, in and out of the unit door directly face to the camera gently brush, rapid recognition, One-on-one face information input, can effectively prevent strangers from entering and leaving at will. Can also use mobile phone APP open the door. Visitors can directly call the household mobile phone number to open the door (the elderly can also be used normally), bringing users a new experience.

In order to protect the public security environment of residential district, the various access control system is applied to the daily security protection of residential district. The main residential security measures are: security turnstile pedestrian door, intelligent security turnstile gate, access control system, as well as security and public security measures. Of course, most of the closed residential areas use security turnstile doors, security pedestrian tursntile gate and other methods, but for open residential areas, the cheap security turnstiles pedestrian gate is more applicable, such as: swing turnstile gate, tripod turnstile gate, cheap full height turnstile gate from Mairsturnstile and so on.

So why must the residential area must be equipped with a perfect access control system?

  1. in the residential gate access control can be useful to avoid non-community personnel in and out of the community (such as salesmen), for the community to build a good community environment.
  2. the advanced access control system, it will not be eliminated in a few years, and can meet the needs of users.
  3. the entrance guard in the residential gate can quickly and accurately identify the identity of each residential area when the flow of people in the morning and evening, let it enter the district through the gate, to avoid the formation of residential gate congestion.
  4. access control system is easy to repair, in the repair process does not need to use professional repair tools.
  5. in the residential gate access control can display and improve the level of community management, improve the image of the community.
  6. access control system is more stable, can work for a long time is not easy to damage. Can be useful to avoid system damage to the community in and out of the formation of inconvenience.
  7. residential area door ban is very convenient, in the future only need to take a card to be able to enter and exit the community, units, underground garage, no need to bring a lot of keys, security is safer than keys.
  8. the entrance guard in the underground non-motor vehicle depot can prohibit the non-district personnel from entering the garage, can guarantee the parking space of the garage to be parked by others, and can help to avoid the loss of the two cars

With the development of new technology and market economy, the level of building intelligence is constantly improving, the single function of building intercom, access control system can no longer meet the market demand, with building intercom, access control system as the entrance, the integration of intelligent parking, security management, property services and other multi-system, will increasingly become a regular operation.


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