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10 Steps to Prepare for Class 5 Math Olympiad

10 Steps to Prepare for Class 5 Math Olympiad

International Mathematical Olympiad, one of the best platforms for showcasing the talent of the children. It is not just with one country but throughout the world, to bring out the best from the students from early ages. It has science and maths tests, in which students from different countries participate. Every country initially selects the students through various tests internally in the country. There will be basic elementary mathematics like numbers and algebra but the techniques and the unique way of solving the problem in less time is the main key. 

Why it is important for students:

It gives the students an outlook towards the world because as kids they don’t have much exposure other than home and school. Through these competitions, they can interact and learn many things, whether they win or lose, they will get an opportunity to learn and express their talents. It helps to improvise their knowledge, and they provide additional information in the long run. It helps students to be confident, and getting through multiple exams, makes them learn that success doesn’t come easy. 

Medals may give them joy and confidence, at the same time failure teaches them lessons and try hard for the next time. From Class I to Class X, students will get an opportunity to explore their talent. It helps in knowing different cultures and races all over the world and makes them understand that everyone is given equal chances. 

Class V  

Class V is a primary education level, where students learn all about the basics to enter into the higher secondary level. Maths and Science are always crucial subjects because they define nature, the real-life environment, knowing calculations, knowing about our bodies, environment as plants and animals. The kind of things that are most important to survive human life are Maths and Science. 

Class V Maths

Class V Maths subject has chapters or topics like Numbers, finding distances, learning more about shapes and angles, learning the patterns, area and boundaries etc. All these are basic elementary forms and students can learn how to calculate the area of a simple square, rectangle. They could identify different shapes and patterns, and learn angles through clocks. 

Class 5 Olympiad

Any student from class 1 to 10 can participate in the Olympiad and there will be rules and regulations regarding the olympiad. Class 5 students have a syllabus of Number Systems, Prime Numbers, Mathematical Operations, HCF and LCM, Geometrical Concepts, etc. which are basic and the questions can be framed in a tricky way and given good time to answer them. But the one who answers the questions properly in less time can win. There will be three sections here, Section 1,2 and 3

Section 1 is of Number systems, Geometry, Fractions etc. from basic Class V mathematics.

Section 2 is of the Critical Solving of Section 1 topics.

Section 3 is of  Reasoning type, analogy, finding the direction sense, Venn diagrams, coding and decoding, puzzles, series, blood relations, alphabet test, mirror images etc.

Logical Reasoning, Data handling, measurements, calculations etc are questioned from the basic elementary level.  

Ten steps for preparation

  1. Syllabus

Know the syllabus before any exam or contest. With the syllabus, you will get an idea of how good you are with the concepts. Have dedicated time to go through all the syllabus, learn all the materials or guidance you got in hand. Seek teachers’ or elders opinions and guidance on the syllabus, learn from their experience.

  1. Reasoning skills

In Olympiad Reasoning has higher importance, as the basic elementary level education is just to get through the school. But to ace something Internationally one needs more knowledge, reasoning improves someone’s logical analysis and problem-solving. Students will be given questions in Section 3 from reasoning analytics, like coding, decoding, Ranking – for example. students standing in a line from the last end what is his rank, Mirror or Water Images – from the images of mirrors try to find the original image. Blood relations- asking on how is this person related to the man if …, Direction sense – walking from east 5 km to north… etc. are some questions and topics from reasoning. Practice from the workbooks or previous papers.

  1. Mathematical operations and numbers

Learn all about numbers, prime, even, odd, rational, irrational, etc. Every number has its own properties, practice mathematical operations like division, addition, subtraction and multiplication, understand the BODMAS rule, perform bigger calculations in less time. Practice every day on different division methods.

  1. English

Without Knowing English it is harder to ace an International olympiad, all the questions will be delivered in English for the convenience of students from different diversities. It is the common language for all the countries. So when you are good at English, it will be easier for you to understand and analyse the problems. 

  1. Practice with workbooks and materials

Practising more gives the best results, practice with workbooks that can be available from the market online and offline. Get them from the Best sources, there are many good websites that give dedicated time for students and provide good materials for free online.

  1. Time management

Make a timetable for each topic, and try to finish them in a given time. Time never waits for anyone, do not waste thinking about how to ace the exam, rather start the preparation early. It is important to start early and practice more, within less time. They not only check the abilities and solutions but also how much time is taken for a problem, how fast a student can answer 

  1. Previous papers and analysis

There are a few websites from where we get the right materials. Find out the previous papers and practice them. IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2011 has given better analysis on the paper and also sample papers for practice.

  1. Dedication and confidence

Dedicate good time and focus on the subject, do not get deviated with unnecessary things. This platform is a beginning to expose a student’s talent, so having good dedication only gives the best results. Have confidence that you can win, do not discourage yourself with others words. Win with confidence.

  1. Revision

Revise more with Practice papers, previous papers, workbooks, sample or model papers from well-known sources. Seek seniors expertise when in doubt. Revision helps to remember more, revise all the concepts once before going to bed or start a day by recollecting what you learnt from the previous day.

  1. Be healthy 

And finally, how much students work hard, being healthy is important. 


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