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Criteria for IMO exam 2021 for class 5

IMO exam 2021

Looking for some good level of maths competition, IMO is the exam for you. The International Maths Olympiad is a very famous and popular International level exam for maths students to compete in. Students who wish to do so must be familiar with the eligibility criteria and syllabus of the exam for doing so.

The International Mathematics Olympiad may be a Mathematics competition conducted per annum by the Science Olympiad Foundation SOF internationally. The detailed criteria for the Olympiad are discussed below with every category to provide full information to the reader.

It should be noted that the eligibility criteria for the exam have not changed too much in the last few years; it’s almost consistent and moderate for a long time. Before starting to prepare for the exam one should know about the eligibility criteria for all the upcoming challenges.

As this is an examination conducted to allow the students to reach a new level of their problem-solving capacity, it also aims to classify and encourage mathematical creativity in them.

This exam is conducted on 2 levels which are level 1 and level 2. Level 1 exam can be attempted by any student from grade 1 to grade 12 on the other hand level 2 exam only the level 1 qualified students are eligible.

Before ongoing preparation, having a clear understanding of IMO eligibility and marks criteria will allow them to plan a better schedule and score better in the exam.

• IMO exams eligibility criteria

The students studying in the school of SOF can apply for the exam. Any convenient date is chosen by the school for the examination 30 days in advance of the exam for the registration and enrollment. It is to be kept in mind that the minimum number of students must be 10 from each school, which is mandatory to be there for the school registration, in case if any school fails to get the minimum number the student can apply individually for the exam.

As already have been mentioned that the exam is conducted in two different levels, level 1 can be attempted by any of the students who are looking forward to evaluate the level of their mathematics academic performance.

Students who will achieve more than the minimum cut-off for level 1 are eligible for level 2.

• Criteria for level 1

All the students from grades 1 to 12 are eligible for the level 1 exam irrespective of their academic performance. This is done so to increase the participation of students from all over the world. Students studying in classes 1 to 12 no matter they are studying inside the country or outside the country they can apply for the exam.

Criteria for level 2

The level 2 exam is conducted for the students from class 3rd to class 12th. Students who have achieved the minimum level of cutoff for the level 1 exam are eligible for attempting the level 2 exam. There are some eligibility criteria for deciding who you can attempt level 2 only are mentioned below.

1. Top rank holders from each section are eligible for level 2.

2. The top 25 students from each class and each zone are eligible for level 2 also.

3. Top rankers in the level 1 exam are also eligible for level 2.

4. The students of Class 1 and Class 2 are not required to appear for the level 2 exam as their performance will be judged based on the level 1 exam.

5. Rank holders of every participating school, where a minimum of 10 students from class who attempted the exam and scored 50% qualifying marks.

• Exam pattern for class 5

1. 50 questions need to be attempted in under 60 minutes by the students appearing in the exam.

2. The question paper includes 4 sections.

i. Section 1 contains 15 questions from logical reasoning.

ii. Section 2 contains 20 questions from Mathematical reasoning.

iii. Section 3 contains 10 questions from everyday mathematics.

iv. Section 4 is called the achievers section containing 5 questions.

A link for the previous year paper is provided IMO Class 5 2014 Question paper .

• Fee Payment

Interested Students even have to Pay a particular Amount of Registration Fees. Some schools may charge a particular small amount of INR 125 in order to deal with the miscellaneous expenses of conducting the exam.

It wraps up here, best wishes to all the aspirations of IMO The IMO exam aims to identify and encourage students who are competent to become future scientists or technologists. IMO exams help those competent students to compete with other students throughout the planet . It enables students to guage their Mathematics skills. The results of IMO provide a summary to the scholars for his or her academic growth. A student’s performance report shows the precise reviews of the students’ efficiency within the exam.


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