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5 necessary things you must look for before admitting your child in primary schools Noida

Primary School is a crucial stage in a child’s education process. Entailing classes 1-5, primary school is where formal education first begins. Taking this into consideration, the importance of primary education has become more evident than ever. 

If you live in Noida and are confused about where to enroll your child, this blog can help. Read on to learn the top five things you should look for in a primary school in Noida for your child:

The reputation of the school

Whether you’re looking for a primary school, a secondary school, or a high school – reputation matters. 

If you’re looking for an excellent primary school in Noida, make sure that you do a background check of the schools before you consider them as a viable education provider for your child. 

Ideally, it would be best if you went for a school that is well-recognised and handsomely endowed with notable awards and prizes. For example, the Global Indian International School (GIIS), is a reputed organisation that has won 150+ awards for achieving academic excellence and a distinction in extracurricular activities like sports, debate, music, science, and many more.

Another thing that is of prime importance is the academic achievements of the school. The performance of students in a school goes on to make the school’s reputation. 

So even if a school does not have a lot of awards to brag about, that’s okay. It would be helpful if you check the average performance of students in the school. If the results are satisfactory, that’s the school you should consider for your child.

The infrastructure of the school

Another thing that you should consider is the school’s infrastructure. While world-class infrastructure and a posh campus is not an inevitable need, any parent who wants their child to succeed should look for a school with decent infrastructural facilities.

This includes well-lit classrooms with proper tables & chairs, a sprawling library, a computer room, well-maintained washrooms and playfields, art rooms, music rooms, etc.

It is when these necessary infrastructure facilities are available that a child can truly thrive as, without it, he/she can’t make full use of the amenities that would enable him or her to excel in school. 

For example, how will a child develop his/her reading skills if the school does not offer a library period where children can go to the library and read? They can’t. Similarly, a child cannot explore his/her interest in sports or gaming activities like basketball or tennis if the school does not offer such amenities. Infrastructure matters and you should make it top of priority!

School’s encouragement and promotion of overall holistic development 

Trust us when we say this. You want your child to go to a school where he/she can grow. Not just academically, but in all other areas in life that truly matters. 

A child’s cognitive growth should happen alongside his/her physical development. Moreover, a school should shape a child’s mannerisms and outlook on life by encouraging good behavior.  

Your child should grow up to become a good human being – not just become someone who is academically refined. A school plays a big role in making this happen. Their involvement here is indispensable. 

So while looking for a school in Noida for your children, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the school teach moral science?
  • Does the school encourage extracurricular activities?
  • What is the school’s outlook toward ethics?

If the answer is yes, then that’s the school you should choose.

Language of Instruction in School

We live in a globalized world where a person’s English speaking skills matter. Finding a good job in today’s highly crowded job market is difficult if you can’t speak English fluently. As such, you should target an English-medium school where the language of instruction is English. 

Going to an English medium school will equip your child with the necessary survival skills that he/she will need to thrive in life and provide for themselves. 

In the grand scheme of things, the ability to speak English correctly matters. So always choose a school where English is the primary language of instruction.

Location of the School

An additional factor to consider is the school’s location. While this might seem like seemingly less essential criteria, it matters. 

You don’t want to send your children to educational establishments that are located too far away from home. Your primary goal is to ensure that after a 6-hour school day, they have enough time to rejuvenate, sleep, study, and do what children love to do – play with friends!

This won’t be possible if the school is located too far away from home. If it takes your child 1.5-2 hours to reach home from school, it’s not worth it because he/she won’t be well rested enough to take on other activities throughout the day.

So while looking at the ideal primary school for your child, make sure that you take into consideration the school’s proximity to your home. This matters.


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