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Best Way to Boost Gaming Performance on Windows

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Best way to Boost gaming performance in your PC/WINDOWS can be done by following this simple steps in your PC. This steps helps you to boost the performance off your gaming laptops/Pc.

While rejoicing in your favorite game play, you may start getting interrupted by the tiring pace of performance, certaing litches etc. and that is something unbearable when it comes to an extensive game play moment. However, there are multiple ways to ensure safe distance from such interruptions by boosting the game performance on your Windows. In this article, you will find the best methods to guard your optimal gaming experience. best of optimized games on your Windows, you can install the most updated versions of logitech driving force gt drivers

The Best Ways to Boost Gaming Performance

Here are the best ways that you can try to optimize the gaming performance on your Windows PC.

  1. Uninstall Old Programs

First things first. You must eliminate the old programs, data and cache that you know you are never going to look at. Unnecessary data and cache only add to the heated system ending up slowing the overall performance of your Windows.

This can only make a mishap for your dearly gaming experience, fainting the performance to a decreased pace. How to uninstall the old programs? You simply have to follow these steps to do that:

● Open the Control Panel and stop at the Uninstall Programs section. Note that these settings are available in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 at different sections and options. You can search for it in your preferred Windows.
● Now click on the Organisation tab and switch it to Date Last Used.
● Now that you will be able to view old and useless programs, click on Uninstall. But before that, make sure that you don’t need these programs for any purpose in future.

  1. Update Drivers

Updating drivers timely is vital to the optimal performance of overall operations. To ensure that you are able to make the best of optimized games on your Windows, you can install the most updated versions of logitech driving force gt drivers to help accelerate the fierce performance of your gaming devices.

In order to prevent any glitches in your game play, you must update the drivers either with device manager (manually) or via using any free driver updater (automatically).

  1. Manage the AMD/ATI Control Panel

Another method to boost the gaming performance in your Windows PC is by adjusting the AMD and ATI control panel. Here’s how you can do that:

● First, right click on your desktop and then select Catalyst Control Center.
● Now, navigate yourself to Manage 3D Settings.
● From this section, you can personalize the settings of your graphics from here to ensure the optimal game play.

Note that each player and game may need different custom settings in order to boost the optimized gaming experience.

  1. Manage the NVIDIA Control Panel

You can try the method of managing the NVIDIA control panel in order to boost the gaming performance. The NVIDIA drivers come with their own control panel and here are the steps to adjust the settings for optimal game play.

● You have to right click on the desktop.
● Now, select NVIDIA Control Panel.
● Go to the Manage 3D Settings option.
● Now, you will find multiple options for custom settings including Vsync, Threaded optimization and Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames.

You can tweak these important settings if you want to enjoy the brest gaming performance and robust quality.

  1. Defragment or Trim Your Disk Any deletion from your hard disk leads to the fragmented files and makes them spread out all over the disk drive which results in elevation in the gaming performance. In order to use defrag to boost gaming experience, you can follow these steps:

● Go to the Start menu, and then open All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and Disk Defragmenter.
● Now, select your Windows disk and then choose the Defragment disk. You should not select this option if you have an SSD. Instead, you can seek Trim command for that.
● If you have Windows 8, you will find the TRIM command into Disk Defragmenter where you simply use the Optimise option.

If you want to check if TRIM is enabled, you can simply go to the command prompt by clicking on Start and then you can type cmd into the search bar. Then, you have to right click on the first result and click Run as administrator. Once done, type in the command and hit Enter.

‘Fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify’

If the result that appears shows “= 0″, then it’s right on the track but if it doesn’t, then TRIM isn’t supported and requires it to be enabled. You can try using the command-

‘fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0’

If that doesn’t help then you can seek a firmware upgrade to enable TRIM.

  1. Manage the Updates

Easier said than done. Setting your system to automatic updates can end up annoying you with update reminders. Little do we notice that even these reminders can lead to impact on performance of your system.
Now that there is no way that you are going to disable the Windows updates once and for all, you are left with a few options that can help you out.
● You can start installing updates the moment you see the prompt.
● You can keep your computer turned off.
● You can even block updates for 35 days. (Note: this option can only be enjoyed in the updates from after May 2019.)
Enhance the Performance of Your Game Play

There were the best methods to boost gaming performance in your Windows. Playing some games can be too demanding for your operating system to handle and thus, it begins acting up. In this situation, it is best to take care of your Windows by updating it timely and tweaking the settings.



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