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Essay Writing – Common Mistakes

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Throughout academic life, we are always required to submit essays. When we heard, “essay” the first thing that comes to our mind is a challenging and unavoidable part of our academic journey. The purpose of academic essay is to enhance our writing skills, review the knowledge that you’ve gained, give justice to the provided argument together with your proof, solutions and critics, and to persuade the audience that your essay is something that is worthy of interest. Not everyone is gifted to create a flawless essay, and it is a human thing. Now and then there are still common mistakes that we can’t avoid in the essay. To further understand this topic, below is the list of the common mistakes in essay writing:

Plain and weak thesis statements

Readers may call it boring. As we all know, thesis statements are vital in academic writing. What’s the point of writing an essay if your thesis statements can’t capture the interest of the readers? A thesis statement should be well-presented and specific. Have you heard about Essay writing help in Dubai? It is a writing service that guaranteed a hundred percent powerful academic essays that supports all the needed information all wrap in your essay. They provide nothing but the best thesis statements.


Plagiarism is the timeless mistake of writing an essay. People tend to copy others work from internet because they are too lazy to incorporate our essay. But being just lazy is not a reason to steal essay from others and you can’t avoid the fact that later on, they will know about these and worst, they can punish you. Be fully informed that plagiarism is a serious offense and universities have strict policies about plagiarism. Professors can recognize it as well.

Poor transitions of sentences.

A poor sentence structure makes no sense at all. You can miss out the important statements and make your essay more complicated and that’s not the criteria of writing an essay. To avoid poor written sentence structures, essay writing help in Dubai has always been ready to create not just an ordinary academic essay but a professional one. They never fail to impress everyone about their masterpiece. They are an essay enthusiast, and they always know what to do. These can be your big advantage, feel free to grab it.

Sources are not credible

Not all sources on the internet are true. It’s easy to type, “legit and reliable” on the internet. And as a responsible student, we should analyze and inspect first to avoid false claims. Be mindful of using social media, we can spot facts and rumors easily if we just teach ourselves to conduct research. Essay writing help in Dubai delivers the most reliable sources. They ease your worries away by serving legitimate sources only.

Writing an essay is challenging, but the bright side of it, is, it can be an effective tool to enhance your academic skills and prepare you to create an excellent thesis or dissertation paper in the future. Whether you like it or not, academic essay is always part of our struggle. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.


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