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How Social Media can help you in Establishing a Brand Identity?


The shift from traditional to digital means of marketing has resulted in a rapid increase in the popularity of social media. This is because social media marketing plays a crucial role in establishing your brand identity, and conveying your brand messages effectively. 

Besides this, social media networks give you an opportunity to expand your customer base, and understand what your new and existing customers have to say about your brand. Furthermore, social media sites allow you to connect with your intended audience on a personal level, thus making them love your brand. 

Still not convinced why social media should be an indispensable part of your branding strategy? Have a look at a few numbers yourself!

These studies clearly show why social media is vital for establishing your brand identity. However, with the ever-increasing competition on social media, and changing marketing dynamics, establishing brand identity effectively can be a tricky feat. 

Don’t worry, we have your back! We have curated a list of tactics by Denver’s expert social media marketing companies that can help ensure that your social media branding is consistent and impactful across all social media channels: 

Tip #1 Choose Your Brand Voice 

The first step is to choose an effective brand voice that depicts your corporate values. Your brand voice is how your customers see your brand, business, and its product offerings. In other words, it includes the adjectives that your prospects use when describing your brand. 

For example, when we see the social media posts or ads of the brand Coke, what comes to our mind? Words, like happiness, festivity, and togetherness, come to mind. This is because that’s what the brand exhibits in its advertising, promotions, and branding messages consistently.  

So, if you want to brand yourself successfully on social media, you need to first ensure a consistent brand voice so that your audience can relate to it. Apart from this, your brand voice will help your audience distinguish you and your messages from other competing players in the market. 

It’s crucial to understand your business’s mission and vision and identify what qualities and values you want to associate with your brand to create a brand voice on social media. Likewise, secure your competitive advantage by knowing what your business can do better than your competitors. Lastly, determine your target audience. With these, you’ll have a clear idea of what your brand voice should be, which helps your business establish brand identity on social media.   

Tip #2 Update Your Social Media Profiles 

Many small businesses are unable to impress their target audience, and establish an impactful brand identity because of their outdated social media profiles. One of the best practices of social media branding is to keep your business social media profiles updated. This is because, just like your corporate website, your social media serves as the face of your business. This means that an outdated profile might turn your visitors away, and give out a negative impression about your brand. 

Unsure how to go about it? Here are a handful of simple yet amazing tips and tricks that can help you in optimizing your social media profiles. Yet some of the effective updating methods to remember can include updating the profile photos of your accounts and giving your audience a sneak preview of the changes you make to your profiles. By doing all these, you can ensure your social media represents your business’s brand identity and give your audience time to get familiar with it. Consequently, you can provide excitement and anticipation for your company’s launch on social media. 

All in all, it is crucial to note that you can’t optimize all your social media profiles, therefore you should limit yourself to a few only, based on your audience’s preference. Wondering which ones? Here are some of the top 5 social media sites that every business should leverage for a compelling brand identity.  

Tip #3 Be Consistent

If you are a wise marketing professional, you would know that brand consistency is a must in making your social media presence successful. This is because it helps establish a credible brand image, and lets your customers easily recognize your business. 

Apart from this, posting inconsistent images and mismatched logos on social media can cause unnecessary confusion among your target audience, thereby making your brand look unprofessional. 

So, instead of posting incorrect images, you should rely on photo tools of a particular social media network as they allow you to rotate, reposition, and resize your images, thereby allowing you to ensure brand consistency. Another way to be consistent on social media is to post content on platforms like Instagram Stories. It’s one of the most effective marketing tools as it allows you to access several accounts regularly. 

Using Instagram Stories also enables you to reach your audience on other channels like Facebook. Moreover, because it works best via a smartphone, individuals running their businesses from their computers might find using this social media platform challenging. Fortunately, there are applications and programs that help automate social media tasks. As a result, you can navigate the social media platform with consistency, which can help you establish a brand identity. 

If you’re still unsure how to ensure a consistent brand image on social media, then you should hire a social media expert that can guide you, and help you in implementing the best practices. When looking for a professional, it’s essential to consider their experience and reputation in the social media industry. Perform thorough research to obtain more information about your prospects. Seek for word-of-mouth referrals or call some previous clients to know if they suit your business needs. 

Tip #4 Unlock the Power of Paid Ads 

The Digital 2020 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social identified that around 27 percent of social media users revealed that they find about new brands and products through social media ads. So, to establish a powerful brand image, and boost conversion rates, you should invest in social media ads right away. 

Apart from this, the good thing about paid social media marketing is that social platforms offer comprehensive targeting features, like behavioral, region-wise, etc. This facilitates in reaching out to the intended audience instantly.

For instance, the ad by Google below shows the visitors how the workshop can meet their needs.  

Tip #5 Partner with Industry Influencers for Increased Brand Awareness

According to a survey conducted by the Digital Marketing Institute, around 49 percent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. This means that your prospects are more likely to follow their chosen influencer’s recommendations while following a brand. 

So, to create an impact among the audience, and gain their trust, it has become a dire need for brands to get industry-relevant influencers on-board. If you are looking to build credible relationships with your target audience, and build a lasting image, you should select relevant social media influencers that are trusted by your prospects.

The Final Words

By now, we know that social media serves as a contributing factor in setting your brand apart from the crowd. With so many competitors fighting for the same audience, it is important for you to ensure that your brand identity is not only unique, but consistent across all social media channels.


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