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How To Change Your Name On Facebook ?

How To Change Your Name On Facebook

Facebook is commonly known as “FB”. The best platform to socialize themselves and get in contact with a long-distance friend is facebook. It is a vast community used by most people these days. It is so common these days, everyone has an account on Facebook and makes use of it every day. One takes the utmost care and connects with the people they know to avoid any cyber scams or problems. How To Change Your Name On Facebook ?

Facebook has connected billions of people, across the globe. You can share your pictures, happy days, quality time you spent with your family and friends, and your friends sitting seas far away from you.

When you first make an account, you are not sure about the name. Some prefer the full name, some fancy names, and some customized. Facebook is an Android and iOS application wherein you can change your name and username even after the completion of making an account. Here we are telling everything about how to change your name on Facebook.

Things To Know Before Changing Name On Facebook

Changing the name on Facebook is easy, but some people can have privacy issues.

Pseudonyms cannot be used for names on Facebook, but you can surely keep some cool nicknames.

One thing that is a doubt will the tag be removed if the name is changed? Don’t worry,  nothing will be affected if the name is changed.

Facebook uses your real name, it can take the short form of your names, like if it’s Abhishek you can keep Abhi, Sonu for Sonalika, and many more, but any vulgar names or idiotic names should not be written.

While choosing another name make sure it does not consist of symbols, punctuations, numbers, capitalization or phrases, or any weird word.

Fake IDs tend to get ban from Facebook. It can also ask you to send identification to check your real name. If your name consists of alphabetical symbols like Chinese or Arabic, that is allowed, but % or # is not.

A title before your name like Mr. or prof. or Dr. is also not allowed, it should be just a name. Family member names can be added in about info and also the name of your spouse.

The company’s policy states that it is a platform where everyone uses the first name they use in everyday life. It helps people to easily connect with you. If the name you are changing does not deploy the policy it will not affect your account.

Your friends will be able to be friends even the name is changed. The possibilities of new connections change but it’s okay.

Reasons Why Users Wants To Change Their Name

An ample of reasons can make you change your name on Facebook. The moment you opened an account on Facebook you have entered your nickname but now you have to change it to your real name. You can do this very quickly and with simple guidance. If you are married and then you want to update your name, you can do that. Also, you can change your current name on Facebook for fun or a change of mind.

Do you want to add a nickname? How To Change Your Name On Facebook ?

If you have a nickname, Facebook lets you add it to your profile. I know Facebook wants you to enter your legal name but that is for transparency. Still, you can customize your first name on your Facebook profile. If you have a name that is called by your family and friends add it into a nickname section.

While using the application on phone the screen where you edit your name below there you can add your nickname. It will ask whether to show this name on your profile or not. While using a website add an alternative name is an option so you can use it. Here also it asks you whether you want to show it to the public or not. One can also have a business page on Facebook, so you can link personal and business accounts.

Changing name in just a few minutes, just follow these simple steps:

There are two ways to use Facebook through a website and as an application. The below steps will show you how to change the name on Facebook in website mode:

 1. Firstly, if you have an account log in to your Facebook ID by entering your username and password.

 2. In the menu option available on the right side of the screen, click ‘account’ and a drop-down menu appears.

3. Click on the ‘settings and Privacy’ there to get access to more options.

4. Select ‘settings’ from the ‘settings and Privacy’ option.

5. In that, you can find the ‘name’ option click on it. It has three fields for your name, first name, last name, and middle name.

6. Enter your full name in the respective fields. A middle name is not compulsory to enter.

7. Select review, follow the security steps, and enter the password to change the name.

8. After that click on ‘save changes’ and here you go. Your change name request is sent to the server.

9. Within 24 hours the name will be changed by Facebook after they approve it.

The steps to change the name on an Android are-

1: Hopefully you will be having a Facebook application installed. Login to your account.

2: After installing the app you just need to tap on the three parallel lines on the top right ridge of the page.

3: A drop-down menu occurs. Search for account settings. In that click on general on left the side.

4: Finally, you are in general account settings. Here check for personal information “name”, the username is also available, if you want to change your username as well.

5: On this page, you can modify your name and change it with a new name.

6: There’s a blue-colored icon “edit” beside your name. that will open name settings. Edit your name to a new one, you can change your first name middle name, and last name. Another name section allows you to add a second name if you want.

7: If you want to change your username click on the username below the name option, change this one too if you want.

8: If you are done with editing and happy with the changes, enter the password and select save changes. This will make changes to your account within 24 hours.

9: Facebook will check whether it complies with the policies or not, and allow your changes.

The steps to change the name on iPhone are-

i. Download the Facebook application if not installed from the App store

ii. After successful installation of the app, you just need to log in to your account. Select the three horizontal lines present on the bottom right corner of the Facebook page.

iii. Keep scrolling and search for settings and privacy. After you are there click on it, later search for settings.

iv. In settings edit personal information where the name, username, etc will appear.

v. Edit name and change it the way you want, click on review change.

vi. If you won’t change your username as well.

vii. Enter the password to save the changes.

viii. Finally, if you are contented with the changes, click on ‘save changes.

Want to know the reasons why you cannot change your name on Facebook?

You encounter a problem where changing your name isn’t possible. Surely these might be the reasons. Check if it helps you.

1. Facebook has a name policy if you don’t follow those you cannot change the name.

2. You change your name too frequently, Facebook doesn’t allow it.

3. A confirmation was sent by Facebook for your name.

4. If your name doesn’t match with the name on the ID list.

5. One important note you can change your Facebook name after 60 days of changing once. If you try to change rapidly it can make you wait for even 120 days.

6. Remember to change the name properly don’t try to make something funny. If you do mischief you have to stick with the name for 60 days. Besides answering your friends why have you kept such a name?

7. There are certain rules you must follow while changing your name on Facebook.

Important Note

As mentioned above that you should not change your name frequently. You can do it once in 60 days. The Facebook name policies are easy and straightforward to understand. Some social media platforms allow you to change your name so often but Facebook doesn’t due to fake ids and privacy.

If you try to change the name too often, then you have to wait for a straight 120-day period. In a particular year, Facebook allows changing the name a total of six times. It is the maximum limit and Facebook doesn’t extend it.

Have a Happy social life, don’t change the name without a genuine purpose and, be in touch with friends.


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