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How to invest in share market Easy method

How to invest in share market
How to invest in share market

How to invest in share market ? If you are planning to invest your amount in stock market and enter market and earn money. However, you are confused how to invest in stock market then you will solve all your doubts today.


Investing in shares is the best option to earn well. It is the process in which money needs to be debited for fruitful returns. To earn more money in the future you need to invest it in some fixed beneficial things. Many people believe that it is a waste of money, includes risks in its transactions, and is not worthy and a waste of time… No. If months are equal to the number of talks, different people have different-different opinions. It is determined by How to invest in share market, in which shares you are investing, are you doing proper research while investing your money in the shares or not, are you investing all your income in the single shares? Because without doing proper research and investing in a single share with closed eyes will lead you towards the loss and even with the empty pocket.

But compared to the past, in recent years stock market and shares have gained their deserved popularity and there’s still a lot to go but now many people have come across and sort of understood the importance, benefits, and how the stock market works. About How to invest in share market, how much income should be invested in shares, how to research the particular shares of the company, and how to make more money using your skills. And literally, the stock market is that market that can help you to live your dream in reality. Because a great stock market legend once said that “Stock Market is an ocean full of money, if you got skills land able to take the risks, then you need to dive in it.

It can also be described as to obtain a good income you need to endeavour your income at first.

The best way to achieve the knowledge of investment is to achieve put your money into stocks.

1. In the beginning you need to kind of confirm by yourself about the risk you can take and also about the number of returns you are looking for.

2. Many investors believe to regularly invest their little income to get good returns, whereas many consider it as a side income and don’t rely on the stock market for income….they don’t know what they are missing. But time teaches everyone the importance of almost everything. Many brokers given in the 1st point let you put your money in either mutual funds or ETFs and stocks and even bonds.

What are the types of shares to invest in?

There are two types of shares: Equity shares and Preference shares. The value of equity shares holds larger volumes of trading as compared to the preferred type of shares. Equity shareholders include voting rights in the AGM of the company where they get a chance to speak which is not at all the same in the case of preference shares. But as compared to equity shares, preference shares have its own importance like if the equity shareholders get the interests on their income invested, the preference shareholders get the dividend in return for the income they invested. However, the equity shares don’t get the interest or any access to assets at the times of liquidation of the company whereas the preference shareholders get the benefit of having dividends even as well as the assets.

For the newcomers about the process of investing in the share market

The main aim of investing is to get fruitful returns in exchange for the money you invested in the beginning. The buyers need to invest a minimum amount for which he is ready to lose the income because as explained earlier, stock market involves risk. Now the money you invested gets you access to a single or certain shares based on the amount of investment. These shares are called the stock of the company. And concerning the growth of the company, your returns also increase or decrease.

Steps to consider while investing in the stock market:

It is totally on you about How to invest in share market are interested in putting your money, like whether you like to invest in the shares by yourself or you prefer to hire an expert to invest for you or whether you prefer to give your money to invest it in the stock market.

Because you need to do proper research while investing in these shares if you are not hiring any employer or fund manager. Advisor gives the idea or a piece of advice of the leading stocks and companies and also gives you the advice about how and which share to invest. And in the case of a fund manager takes your money to invest in different funds. And also it doesn’t allow you access to any personal shares.

 invest in share market

There are two different entities included while investing.

They are funds and stocks.

Stocks include less risk as compared to the funds but getting the number of returns is also minimum as compared to the Mutual Funds whereas the mutual funds allow investing a minimum of different stocks of different companies. Even after picking the appropriate stock will lead you towards a not-so-good return and in the case of mutual funds, you own the share of different companies that too in a single transaction. For the ones who are trying to save for their retirement, funds are the best and reliable retirement option to choose. Because you can gather all the different shares of different companies and varied quantities of stocks in a set called a portfolio of funds.

There are different levels of share market such as primary, secondary.

The company offers its shares for those who prefer to invest in the primary share market but the investors need to do this by having an IPO. Demat account is a must for the investor who prefers to invest in both levels of the market. Many a time, the investor has the access to invest from their bank account itself which will determine the number of shares allowed to them. Once the Initial Public Offering of investors is collected, they get checked and numbered. The number of shares given to every IPO is determined based on the availability of shares. The demand also plays a great role in the distribution of the shares.

According to the guidelines of the ASBA technique, the money invested by the trader to buy these shares is kept locked by the bank itself. Now, once the organization starts to allot shares this money is gradually released in front of the bank account of the investor. In the case of a secondary type of market you need to start your Demat account, by login into your account then you need to spend money in return for chosen shares by you and select from them which you want to purchase, and relatively, which you will decide to sell.

Then by paying the amount you will be allotted the shares you preferred to choose. Investing in the shares is not as tough and time-consuming as it is considered, it is a smooth and easy-going process if researched adequately and also having a diverse portfolio is a must because its funds may be helpful to you at the time of market being in the worse condition. While investing you should also consider investing in the security that will be more appropriate for you also the money you invest should be in a managed and planned manner.

Documents that are needed to form your Demat type of account

• The person applying for it should have an income certificate with an Aadhar and a Pan card.

• Also, a residence verification that is mentioned on his/her Government-authorized documents.

• A cheque having the personal details along with the bank IFSC code

• The Demat account also requires the other details to get started.

The Demat account is the process in which you get access to keep their shares in E-format and also you can convert them preferably into physical securities.

Whereas the trading accounts allow you to purchase and sell your shares. The money for purchasing and selling will be debited or credited respectively.

So for purchasing the shares you just need to have your own Pan card and need to hire a worthy broker who can help you out with purchasing securities. And most important of all, you need to have your Demat account followed by the Trading account. Now the step is to pursue enough knowledge about the 2 main depositories. These depositories are a kind of financial institution. They are considered accountable for transferring the share. For investing with a bigger amount your UIN number is required. Its full form is unique identification and N stands for a number. And the final step is to choose the right shares to purchase and after a particular period, you have access to sell those.

To make the process even easier and to make the benefits of the stock market more reachable to the people but should also know How to invest in share market, there are different online trading app authorized by the Government of India on which everyone has the access to purchase or sell their shares accordingly by linking their bank account to it.


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