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How to Use SEO : Leverage SEO To Be Found Online and Boost Your Online Marketing

How to use seo

If you want more visitors to find your website, you should invest in search engine optimization. How to use SEO ? Then follow this simple steps to achieve great results.

Also known as SEO, it is a strategy that improves your website traffic quantity and quality so that your website enjoys better search engine results at Google or Bing.

Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, consulting with Gert Mellak of SEOLeverage can help you out. He can make a positive impact on your website by employing these effective marketing strategies:

Following the Best SEO Strategies

Gert Mellak of SEOLeverage is all about thrusting your business to the top of Google search results. And while he can do this service ever so easily, it involves following an established SEO marketing approach.

Here are some effective techniques you can expect from a reputable SEO agency like SEOLeverage.com:

Website Content and Design

Your site’s content should answer the visitors’ questions. By doing so, you can rank higher in search engine results.

Apart from being useful, your content should contain SEO-friendly keywords as well. You can simply look these up through Google and Bing. All you need to do is collect a list of keywords searchers use to look up your business.

More than just marketing good content, it’s vital to have a good site design, too. According to Gert Mellak of SEOLeverage.com, a beautiful site can facilitate a great experience that will keep users coming back for more.

Google My Business

For your business to take off, you need to register and verify your information through the Google My Business platform. It can link your site to industry-specific Google map searches.

For this strategy to pay off, you need to add pictures and update the contact information as required. Don’t forget to encourage user reviews, as these will provide more leverage to your company.

Social Media

Many businesses use social media for marketing purposes. After all, this approach can attract many users to the platform, making your service viral.

Through active social media marketing, you can get more shares and links. You can fulfill this by placing social sharing buttons on your website.

These may just be the things you need to get that follow-back from your target consumers.


Backlinks can boost your SEO since it makes your business more credible to the eyes of the search engine. Although your friends can provide you with these, they just might not be enough.

By consulting with Gert Mellak of SEOLeverage.com, you may be able to get links from websites with high domain scores that will boost your site rankings.

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Online Directories

If your business is part of an industry organization, get your company listed in its online directory. This can boost your credibility, which is what you need to leverage your SEO rankings.

It’s also good to be listed in free resources that provide citations and backlinks. Focus on being listed on an authoritative site since subpar portals may hurt your SEO rankings even more.

Going Beyond the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

To go around the statutes of SEO, Gert Mellak of SEO Leverage makes sure that your site follows basic SEO, such as the strategies listed above.

With his years of consulting experience, he can help your site weather the ever-changing landscapes of SEO. Although it is generally stable, Google can change the rules anytime, upsetting your strategies.

Gert Mellak works by checking the meta-descriptions, title tags, site maps, ALT tags, and other things to see if they are done correctly. He also uses online tools that will solidify your good Google rankings.

For example, having a good domain or link name can make your business appear naturally to searchers. While effective, you can make your website more visible by registering with the Google My Business page.

As mentioned, having social media accounts is an approach that can help improve your exposure as well. With this, you get reviews and shares, giving you more curious site visitors.

Paid Ads as Alternative Means to SEO

While SEO is a strategy that Gert Mellak is well known for, he also promotes paid ads for marketing. Although it can be costly, it may drive more people to your business website.

Since the competition for ads can be quite fierce, consulting with an SEO agency expert can help you make the right choice regarding keywords and placement.

Remember: you wouldn’t want to pay $100 for every click that does not lead to a business transaction.

If you want your content to appear higher in search results, you need a marketing expert’s service with years of experience. By consulting with Gert Mellak of the SEOLeverage.com podcast, you can attract more clients and place first on Google search results!


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