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How to Remove the srvany.exe virus from PC?

How to Remove the srvany.exe virus from PC?

If you want to remove srvany.exe virus from your pc then you should check out this page. Follow all this steps to remove this virus from your virus permanently.

What is Srvany.exe Virus?

The Srvany.exe can be a big problem if your computer is infected with it. Most people do not know about this process. It is a trojan horse that mines for the cryptocurrency. When your system gets infected with this trojan horse then it will start using its resources and achieve its goal for the purposes that its maker has decided. If the computer is infected then for the normal person it will be almost impossible to identify and remove this virus.

Information about this Virus “Srvany.exe”

Srvany.exe trojan horse currency miner will infect your system against your will and in secret. Once it infects your system it will behave like its is part of the system or it will be downloaded like it is part of some program. User will think that he is downloading the safe and helpful program but instead he is actually downloading the infection. A user cannot predict what is downloading with the genuine software if he is not careful. User will know about this trojan horse after it is too late.

Once the Srvany.exe is downloaded on your system it will start using the great amount of your computer’s resources for its own use and will start overheating the system. This trojan horse works secretly and will be hidden for a long time. This miner trojan will affect the performance of other programs on your computer. Programs on your computer will start lagging and the games will also lag. Your computer will start to freeze and will restart on its own. If your computer is behaving in this way then it may be possible that srvany.exe high cpu usage is the main culprit behind it.

Symptoms of Srvany.exe infection:

  • Overheating of CPU without any problem.
  • Accessing the internet is very slow.
  • It takes several tries to launch a program.
  • System performs very badly.

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1. How to remove Srvany.exe

Once the infection is found then we can remove it by following simple steps. To remove the Srvany.exe infection from the computer we have to use a good antivirus program. This infection can be in different parts of a system therefore we have to scan our computer completely and remove the infection completely.

If your system does not have antivirus software then you can use Windows Defender software. Windows Defender software is integrated antivirus software that will help you to remove most of the infection from your system.

If you do not want to use Windows Defender then you can use another antivirus software available on the internet.

 2. Protect your computer from Srvany.exe Virus

If you want full protection of your computer you have to make sure that your computer is protected with the virus in the first place. To do so you have to have a good security software installed on your computer in the first place. The security software installed on your computer should be reliable and should be regularly updated. Also, you have to follow these simple steps to keep your computer protected.

  • Watch out for spam emails and attachments. Emails and its attachments are one of the most common ways of spreading a virus. Most of the virus spreaders will send spam emails containing the infection. These spam emails will contain attachments that have the virus and when the attachments are opened then your system gets infected with a virus. So, you have to be careful when opening email from unknown sources to skip suspicious files, don’t even download them on your computer.
  • Adverts and redirect page. Many websites will show unwanted ads and popups. Once the user clicks on the ads or the pop ups then the infection will spread on the computer..
  • Don’t open suspicious links and websites. Criminals, hackers and scammers will create the fake websites and links, with these fake websites and links they can achieve their goals. So before opening any websites and links make sure that they are from a reliable source.
  • Pay attention to what you install. If you want to install a new program on your computer then make sure that you are downloading the program from the reliable source. Do not download the software from the shady websites and always purchase and use genuine software.
  • Use protection tools. Lastly for the complete protection of the computer you have to have good security software on your computer. If you do not have a good security system on your computer then the infection will get on your computer.

    You can use Systweak Antivirus on your computer to protect your computer from infections and threats.

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Srvany.exe virus can be removed easily if we know the steps to do so. srvany.exe will infect your computer and will use all the resources for the malicious purpose, this will lead to system overheating and ultimately system cash. Protect your computer using this simple guide.


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