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What do you mean by web hosting and how does it work?

web hosting and how does web hosting works

Web hosting : Running a website needs a lot of things from having a domain name to subscribing to a website building platform. One of the most important elements of having a website that is rarely discussed though is web hosting. If you are new on the web and planning to create a website, must need web hosting. For beginners we are here to provide all necessary information about it through this topic- What is Web Hosting and how does it work? Creating a website by using hosting services is one of the best options. It’s the importance that you are crystal clear about hosting before moving on to create and host your first website on the web.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is just a service where you’re able to allocate space on the internet, fill it with all your files and media (your digital “goods”). If somebody searches your website by entering your domain, they will get directed to your website. Unless you upload it on a hosting server it can never be examined by anyone. A web hosting company offers the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet.

The most hosting provider wants that you own your domain to host with them. If you do not have a domain, hosting companies like Hostgator or Godaddy will help you purchase one.

What is a web Hosting Server?

server is similar to a computer system, having Ram, Hard disk consists of Software and hardware that provides several resources, space, data, services, security to other computer systems over a network. A Web Hosting server is a server specially designed rich in resources and hosts websites, data, applications, software. A web hosting server is located anywhere in the world but it provides resources, functionality, services all over the world over the internet. In simple words, the web hosting server is a platform that hosts websites. To run a server we need various applications that help to work it efficiently and handle HTTP requests of end-users and provide data over the internet.

How Web Hosting Works?

how web hosting works

For starting an online business in the real world, you must need a physical location to set up, store, and sell your products. The same rules apply in the digital world when creating your website.

An online business website has a series of files, images, and HTML code that make up your website. These files need space and a place to live. Without an online home, your site just stores on your computer and no one would ever see them. A hosting company will offer a place on a webserver to store all of your files on the web and delivers files of your website as soon as a browser requests by typing in your domain name securely.

Once you decide to start an online website or want a fully functioning website then Register Domain Name with a hosting provider who gives you server space on the web and the best hosting package. If you are Beginners then Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Plan is the right choice.

Do you need a server or Set your own

Setting up an own server is not a big task, it is just like your computer system but having high-quality resources. You can set your server with your own you can gather all the things from your nearby computer shop. List of things required to set a server are: –

  1. A dedicated computer system with a good processor, DDR 3 Ram, Hard disk, Hardware to install a software
  2. A Software – An operating system to run your server, it will be free (Open Source) or paid anyone work for you.
  3. An internet connection – Active High-speed internet to upload and download the files. The internet should be active 24 X 7
  4. A router – A router that should be connected to the server and provide services uninterrupted 24X7 to provide maximum uptime, so that your website or data accessible all the time.

It is easy to set up an own server, but it will cost you more if you are setting up a new business and it will take time to set once. I recommend you should choose a hosting service provider and start your website in few minutes.

Different Types of web host you can choose from

  1. Shared web hosting– it’s an excellent solution for those who want to start most businesses and personal blogs. You’re sharing the physical server environment with other client’s websites. And sometimes even more like all its resources, such as memory, computing power, disk space, and others.
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web Hosting– Virtual Private Server is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server because it acts as a dedicated server. With this hosting server, the web host allocates an entirely separate partition for you on that server which means you get a dedicated server space and a reserved amount of resources and memory with VPS. This is the best pick up for medium-sized businesses with a rapidly growing number of websites and traffic.
  3. Dedicated Server Web Host– with this hosting server you have your physical server that’s dedicated solely to your website. Here you will get the maximum control over the web server your website is stored on.
  4. Cloud Hosting– Cloud environments are based on the concept of server clustering, a structure that is used to group multiple servers for a common cause. Cloud hosting is one of the newest changes in hosting technology, which allows you to store your website’s data in a larger network of data centers. 
  5. WordPress Web Host– is created for WordPress site owners, where the server is configured specifically for WordPress and the site comes with pre-installed plugins for crucial tasks, such as caching and security. WordPress Hosting is a low-cost hosting service and also a great choice for beginners.

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Some Famous Web Host Providers where you will high quality Domain Name & Hosting Services:

  1. Godaddy
  2.  Hostgator
  3. Inmotion
  4. BlueHost
  5. Hostinger
  6. Hostpapa

What features you should look for in Web Hosting?

  • Domain Name– (such as www.webtechcoupons.com) to associate a webspace (website)
  • Uptime– web host is usually expressed as a percentage of the total available time in the year. Uptime is very important for your websites and online business website.
  • Bandwidth– is the amount of traffic at which data can be transferred between your website, users, and the internet, in a given amount of time.
  • Storage Space– hosting you choose must provide sufficient storage space for storing your files and other data.
  • Control Panel– with the help of a control panel you can manage various aspects of your website’s hosting account yourself. 
  • Customer Support– Look for a quality support web host that goes the extra mile to verify any issues are solved always on time.

Last Words

Hope so now you have a better understanding of what web hosting is and how it works. The only step you should take is to choose your hosting provider, pick a web hosting plan, and start building your website.


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