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What You Do After Getting a Ticket During the Covid-19 Quarantine?

Payam Javadi

In the global pandemic Covid-19, almost every country went on lockdown and most of the official works stopped due to this. Offices were closed and people stayed at their home yet there were some people who travel from here to there and broke some traffic rules. The lawyer Payam Javadi consults you.

Those who got a ticket or citation during the Covid-19 quarantine would have to pay their fines at right time but how can they pay when all offices are closed. No government office is opened and you would like to clear your ticket or citation on time so that you don’t have to face further consequences. Well, the government has allowed people to submit their tickets online, and to do so they also need authority to access the websites of government departments.

Lawyer Payam Javadi

Our lawyer Payam Javadi can help people to submit their traffic tickets online without paying any extra amount as you can pay the amount online to our lawyer. We know that it was your necessity to go out of your home during the Covid-19 quarantine but laws should not be broken and once you get a traffic ticket to break any traffic rule then you would have to pay a fine for that. People who fail to pay a fine for traffic tickets would get their license cancelled from the authorities or their vehicle can be abandoned from running on the roads.

There are many types of traffic tickets that you can get during covid-19 quarantine like a ticket for over-speeding, not wearing a helmet, riding more than two people on a two-wheeler, and many more. Now another type of traffic ticket can be issued to the people who are wearing a face mask during traveling and they will be fined more than the actual cost of a ticket or citation.

Most Devastating Part

The most devastating part of a traffic ticket is how to pay it when everything is offline and no office is opened. Well, you can imagine a place inside your home where you sit and call our lawyer Payam Javadi who will solve all your problems related to traffic tickets during the covid-19 quarantine.

Make sure you break no more rules by getting out of your homes for submitting your traffic ticket as you can now do that from the comfort of your home. It is easier for you to pay fines for getting traffic tickets or citations and you would not have to worry about the time it used to consume before. Earlier people had to stand in lines for hours to get their turn to submit their tickets at the government offices but now everything is sorted out through online media.

Consult with Sir Payam Javadi Indian Lawyer

Sir Payam Javadi is a reputed lawyer in India who has the experience to solve all cases related to traffic rules and traffic tickets. He is an authorized person who can collect your traffic ticket fines and submit them to the government of India. It is still mandatory for you to stay at your home to keep yourself and your family safe from covid-19 hence you are advised to contact our lawyer online so that you don’t get in physical touch with any person to avoid the spread of covid-19.


You can call our best lawyer Payam Javadi who will attend your calls and make sure to provide you with the best solutions for your traffic ticket problems. You are also advised not to break traffic rules for the sake of thrill and enjoyment because the rules are for our safety and we have ethical duties to follow all rules set by the government.


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