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Which Aged Care Course Is Best Choice For You?

Are you contemplating upon the fact of pursuing your career in the aged care sector of Australia? If so, then, you should complete the right aged care course first. Again, there are different types of aged care courses which are offered in Perth, Australia. So, how will you decide that which aged care course is better for you? Well, the task may seem intimidating, but, there is nothing to get distraught about it. Based on your unique requirements, you can quite easily choose the most compatible Aged Care Perth Australia.

Types of Aged Care Courses in Perth, Australia

There are different types of aged care courses which are offered in Perth, Australia. These chiefly include the following:

  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • Certificate III in Individual Care (Ageing)
  • Certificate III in Aged Care

Some of the best institutions in Perth, Australia are offering these courses to overseas learners. Now arises the question that which amongst these courses is the most sought-after right now. To answer all your questions and satiate your curiosity, here is brief introduction to each of the aforesaid courses.

  1. Certificate III in Individual Care (Ageing)

This course provides you the knowledge and skills to let you work in any possible area of individual care. Completion of this course allows you to provide a genuine assistance to the various aged people. Besides, you’ll attain a sound understanding about both the disability and aged care sectors. Case officer, disability assistant and home care assistant are some of the expected job roles upon this course’s completion.

  1. Certificate III in Aged Care

The most sought-after aged care course, it lets you undertake a suitable job role as soon as you finish it. It includes both theoretical as well as several practical aspects in it. Completion of this course makes you eligible for the job role of a care worker. You need to dedicate a time-frame of eighteen months at the minimum to complete this course successfully. A few of the expected job roles include aged care officer, assistant in nursing and community care worker etc.

  1. Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Before you complete this course, you must have completed the certificate iii in aged care course first. While studying the certificate IV in individual support course Perth, you will attain vast array of skills and knowledge. These chiefly include caring for the aged people and how to handle cases with special requirements etc. Besides, you can also oversee and organize other working professionals who are working in your aged care setup. Most importantly, you will be able to manage tasks with greater medical responsibilities quite efficiently.

Other things to Learn

The certificate IV in aged care course also upskills you with a range of supervisory and managerial skills. Some of the key tasks with much more medical responsibilities include the following:

  • Infirmity
  • Illness
  • Disabilities as a result of ageing and
  • Infection control etc.

Just like the certificate III courses, this course also requires you to dedicate a time period of eighteen months. After you complete this course you will become eligible for certain job roles. These include community program coordinator, residential case worker and care service leader etc.

Which Aged Care Course is the Best?

The answer to this question is quite paradoxical. Nonetheless, the certificate III in individual support (Ageing) is the minimum qualification which you need to enter Australia’s aged-care sector. After you have completed this course, you might wish to advance your aged care skills and knowledge furthermore. In that case, the certificate IV in aged care will be the best course for you to choose.

Choose the Best College or university in Perth!

Well, the definition of the best aged care course also depends on the college or university you’ve enrolled at. There are various private RTOs as well as TAFE RTOs to select from. However, you need to choose only the best amongst all of them. This is because you just can’t afford to complete a course just like that. You want a fulfilling and remunerative training session which ensures prospective job outcomes for you. At the end of the day, you want to achieve a qualification which ascertains the most rewarding professional life for you.

Opt for The Right Trainer!

Whether you’re applying for the cert 3 in individual support or certificate IV in aged care, choose a compatible trainer. Again, choosing the right trainer is not an easy task. So, you must do sufficient research in this matter. Verify their audit results, feedback and reviews etc. Considering these factors will give you a clear idea about which training provider is the best.


The bottom-line is there is no specific definition when it comes to choosing the best aged care course in Perth. You must be discreet enough to evaluate your unique requirements first. Accordingly, you must choose an aged care program that best suits your pertinent profile.


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