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Why Beginners Fail to Money Online From Blogging

Money Online From Blogging
Money Online From Blogging

Here’s another post about blogging. This  post is about ,why people choose blogging as their hobby or why people do blogging. Blogging is one of the best thing which can be selected as a hobby. That’s why there are a lot of people in the world who are interested in blogging. Most of them do not do blogging for sake of earning money. They do blogging for updating themselves.

In the blogging world, a blogger spends his spare time on his blog and he also searches from the different sources and share their thoughts to the world. Blogging keeps a person update. Such a person knows every happening which is taking place in his society or all over the world. He loves to share his thoughts on the given issue to the whole world.

Blogging is only the hobby in which a person a never bores. A blogger do his work with full concentration. He wants to rank his blog in search engines first pages like Google. Because 80% people of the world use Google for fetching the solution of their problems.

Therefore, he wants to rank his blog in Google First pages and his blog get more and more visitors from all over the globe. Doing blogging is not like wasting time. It is like the collecting of pennies and dollars every day and one day he gets his money like a bomb. People do blogging because of the different reasons. Some of them are given below.

Top Reasons Why People Do Blogging:

For Making Money:

Yeah!!! As i said in above paragraph that blogging is not like wasting of time. It is like a bomb of money which will one day blast with thousands of bucks. Making money from a blog is possible. A famous blog with lot of daily traffic can earn upto 1 thousand $ per day. 

He can earn from his blog by different methods. He can get different advertisers which will pay him thousands of dollars for a banner on his blog for a month or more. Or he chooses PPC Programs like Google Adsense, infolinks etc. Mostly people do blogging because they want to earn money by simple ways. Therefore, a person chooses blogging as his hobby and do blogging with his fully concentration.

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For Fame:

A blog with thousands of traffic daily can earn thousands of dollars. If a person is making a lot of money form his blog becomes famous on the internet. Because people like rich people. Blogging is the best for getting fame. But it is not an easy task. It needs tons of hard work which is hardly possible but not impossible.

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There are different blogs which earns thousands of dollars from their blog like Harsh Agarwal of shoutmeloud and Sir Abdul Wali of onlineustaad. There are also very other blogs which earns more and more from them. But i like them.

For Getting Knowledge:

It is also another feature of the blogging. A person who do blogging knows every thing which is happening in his society. He can get knowledge of different things depending upon the Niche he selected. For Example: If a person selects SEO as his niche than he will only search about the SEO and will be a master of that. And if a person selects World News or Technology As his niche than such a blogger can update him self daily by getting different information.

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For Building Confidence:

Some people have very low confidence level. They know every thing but hesitate to share towards the world. But blogging is such a hobby which builds confidence in a person. It makes a person able to share his thoughts towards the world. Mostly people do blogging for building confidence. By doing blogging they can increase their confidence level because in blogging he gives his ideas and thoughts on his blog to whole world. He never feels hesitation to explore himself towards the world.

For Making A Busy Life:

Some people do not select any hobby and they spend their spare time on different useless activities. But blogging is such a hobby which makes a man busy. He never surf his spare time in useless activities. He keeps himself busy so that he can update his blog regularly. Blogging also makes a man perfect. Such a person does not feel some bad thinking in his mind which take him to Evil way. But by selecting blogging as his hobby he never thinks for the evil deeds. Blogging will make his life busy.

Final Words:

The conclusion of the above post is that blogging is not a useless thing. It creates a man perfect. Blogging keeps the persons busy. And he can earn money too by doing blogging. I like Blogging because it gives me pocket money. The above facts are the reasons that i selected blogging as my hobby. Hope you like my this. Your comments are awaiting for giving roses to my this post.


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