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Do I Need A UCAT Tutor Or Attending Weekly UCAT Classes Is A Better Option

UCAT Tutor Or Attending Weekly UCAT Classes
UCAT Tutor Or Attending Weekly UCAT Classes

A lot has changed since last year after the corona thrived throughout the world. As a result, many courses have been transferred online; as a result, if you’ve been considering studying UCAT, doing it online is not a problem these days.

Some students considering taking the UCAT; still they are confused if they should hire a private instructor or enroll in UCAT online course. This is a common question because they consider what they are accustomed to doing in high school. However, because UCAT is not like school, it needs different strategy. We recommend group study as a far more productive (and less expensive) approach of preparing for the UCAT.

UCAT preparation can be fun

The advantages of group study are widely known: it is more sociable, fun, and effective, especially when studying for examinations like the UCAT. When opposed to passive learning via tutoring or didactic teaching, extensive pedagogical research has demonstrated that group study is significantly more successful for acquiring higher order cognitive abilities (such as those required for high stakes examinations like the UCAT).

UCAT for medical students

Students pursuing a career in medicine are a distinct category. They are bright and very driven. You may inspire and learn from each other by forming a UCAT study group with such mates. You can, for example, discover new techniques for addressing UCAT questions and get insight into how different people think.

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Simply discussing a UCAT problem with other students may often help you clarify your own thought processes, which is a useful learning technique. It’s crucial to understand not just the correct but also the likely incorrect methods of thinking for a topic, because that’s what test designers consider when creating response options.

Group study can be beneficial

Each student will bring their unique approach, abilities, and limitations to the group, which will benefit learning. Many Medical Entry students who score in the 99th percentile on the UCAT tutor attribute their achievement to group study, according to surveys.

In addition, group study is a considerably more active learning technique than attending lectures. Weekly UCAT sessions and private tutoring can also be beneficial for passive learning. Engaging with the UCAT subject and persevering when faced with a tough task are both examples of active learning.

This will prepare you to answer comparable questions on the UCAT, when you will not have access to your instructor or teacher. One of the abilities tested by the UCAT is the capacity to persevere. Active group learning also promotes autonomous learning and lifelong learning, both of which are necessary traits for success in the study and practice of medicine.

Sharing your knowledge and feelings with others

Learning in a group is also sociable and enjoyable. This should not be overlooked throughout the challenging and often stressful last year of study. Sharing your UCAT concerns, anxieties, and fears with others will help you gain confidence and reduce stress, all of which are essential for UCAT success.

In conclusion, we highly advise you to create a study group rather than hire a UCAT teacher. Remember that group learning is productive and enjoyable, and it aids in the development of essential skills for your future as a medical student and doctor!

Students that enroll as a group receive significant savings from MedicMind

We do recognize, however, that some students require the motivation and support that comes with having a Tutor and/or weekly courses, and MedicMind does provide these services to those who desire them.

However, we recommend that such students complete at least half of the work on the LMS before attending weekly courses or hiring a tutor (available to those who purchase Diamond package). They will get the most out of the additional services provided by UCAT MedicMind if they do so.

Isn’t the UCAT just an aptitude test? What’s the point of studying for it?

Although the UCAT is a “aptitude” exam, there is little doubt that having encountered UCAT style questions previously and knowing how to answer them would improve your chances of passing.

While practice does not always make perfect, it does help you do better on the UCAT exam since it allows you to refine the critical thinking abilities needed to answer UCAT questions. Furthermore, there is some evidence that repetition and practice in the abstract thinking part of the UCAT can significantly improve this UCAT subtest score.

What if my UCAT practice papers are failing me: Is it worth it for me to take a UCAT prep course?

If you were failing a class this year, you wouldn’t just give up: you’d get a tutor and do all you can improve your grades. It’s the same thing when it comes to studying for the UCAT.

The last thing you want to happen is to be unable to enroll in your desired medical program because of a bad UCAT performance owing to a lack of preparation. Numerous students with exceptional ATAR scores of 99.5 and even perfect scores of 99.95 have been denied medical school admissions due to their performance on the UCAT. Others may miss out on the UCAT score required for an interview by only one percentile—a percentile that might have been achieved by taking a UCAT prep course.

All of the UCAT preparation classes I’ve seen are too costly.

Yes, the greatest UCAT preparation courses aren’t free, but that’s because they’ve been meticulously prepared by industry experts with years of expertise. They are especially designed to assist you in passing the UCAT and achieving the UCAT score required for admission to medicine or your chosen health science program. As a result, the expense of a UCAT prep course is minimal when compared to your prospective earnings as a medical practitioner.

Furthermore, taking a UCAT preparation course will offer you the assurance that you have done all necessary to get admission to medicine.

When UCAT results are published, the worst-case scenario is that you narrowly lose out on your desired course, knowing you could have done more UCAT preparation. Paying for a UCAT course, which increases your chances of passing the UCAT, is significantly preferable than not taking a UCAT course, failing the UCAT, and having to enter medicine through the graduate entrance medicine pathway.

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