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How to Screenshot on HP Laptops And PCs

how to screenshot on hp

Capturing a Screenshot will be very useful when you are watching any webinar or there is an online presentation or you making notes, any videos, enjoying with friends and family or anything which are there on the internet and you want to capture it and save it for you. Do you Know How to screenshot on your HP Laptops and PC’s. We will give you a brief details To screenshot in your hp laptops.

You can save and use them even for later days in the future and cherish your memories too. A memory which changed from past 5 years or 10 years, will surely push you in the past and enjoy those moments or lesson you learned.

What is Screenshot?

A Screenshot is nothing but capturing what is visible on your screen. Usually, a Screenshot is saved in an image format. There are various ways you can capture or save the Screenshot on your desktop or your computer/laptop.

A Screenshot is also known as Screengrab or Screencap How to screenshot hp. A picture speaks a thousand words – A revolutionary technological breakthrough in the modern world. It’s hard to believe that whatever ware seeing on screen can be captured as it is just like capturing a photograph.

It is a very useful tool when you are in the tutorials and you want to collects some notes, note down steps during craft or other innovating videos, you are reading articles and there are no save option to save that article, Screenshot will surely help you in this. Always remember, whenever or whichever method you use for capturing the screenshots, try to save these screenshots in JPG or PNG file format which is universally acceptable and more user-friendly image formats.

Before we jump into how to capture screenshots, let me give you a small brief on HP.

Background on HP

HP Stands for Hewlett-Packard: It is a US-based Multi-National IT Company (MNC). HP’s headquarter is in Palo Alto, California and it came into existence from a Car Gurage in Palo by Bill Hewlett & David Packard in 1939. The company is specialized in developing and producing Data Storage, Hardware & Networking, Designing software, etc.

On 1st November 2015, the company offshoot its enterprise product & service business to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. And, Hewlett-Packard continues its business on Personal computers which were renamed with spun off its enterprise. In the fast-growing world, HP Launches their first Laptop in the Market as HP – 110 which weights approximately around 4 KG, 16 bit IBM Processor, 272K RAM.

How To Capture Screenshot On HP Devices?

How to screenshot HP? If you are a technical person or a non-technical person, the steps mentioned below will surely help you to learn to capture the screenshot in a very simple and user-friendly way. Hope this will help you in your day-to-day life, business, or even in your profession as capturing the screenshot is necessary and equally important in all areas.

How to screen record in windows 10 ?

There are multiple ways one can take the Screenshot in the HP Laptops as well as in Computers or Desktops. Model of laptops or Desktops may vary from time to time or person to person. However, the steps mentioned below will remain the same.

Method 1: Windows Key + Print Screen (Prt Sc) Key

Since most of the users work on Windows as an operating system, it becomes very easy to capture the screenshot using the keyboard shortcut buttons of your laptops or desktops.

Press Windows key as well as Print Screen (Prt Sc) key simultaneously. Your screen might flick for a second or two which implies that you have taken the screenshot successfully.

You may go to This PC and then Select Picture Folders.

All Screenshots will be stored under the folder name – Screenshots.

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key from your keyboard which is Control Key (Ctrl Key) + V to paste the Screenshots.

Alternatively, you may select any folder where you want to save the Screenshot and right-click on that folder and select the option or hit the Paste key and now how to screenshot on mac.

Method 2: Using Software/Tool called Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is a free tool with an excellent built-in feature that enables you to select how much screen you want to select in the Screenshot. When you do not want to take a screenshot of your entire screen as it will be too big or too bulky or not relevant for you, the Snipping tool will help you to capture the part of the screen in your screenshot.

This tool works perfectly well irrespective of your windows operating system. Let me share step by step guide to capture the Screenshot using this very beautiful–Snipping Tool.

Go to Start Menu or Press Windows Key from your laptop/desktop

In the search bar type “Snipping Tool” and press Ok or Enter Key or select the Snipping tool using your mouse click.

The Snipping Tool will open as shown above

Click on the “New” Button on Top Left or you can press Control (Ctrl) + N Key from your keyboard.

You can choose your desired shape of the screenshot from various modes that Snipping Tool has to offer. The standard and default snip is a rectangular snip. Other than that, there are following more ways one can take the Screenshot using this tool.

The Freeform Snip will help or allow you to capture your screen in any shape as per your desire, be it be an oval, circle, or free form.

The Window Snip will help or allow you to capture a screenshot of your active window with simply one click.

The Full-Screen Snip will help or allow you to capture the entire screen in one go. This option help mainly in case there are dual or multiple screens.

Once you capture the desired screenshot, you can save it in a specific desired location by pressing Control (Ctrl) + S Key from your keyboard.

Method 3: Windows Key + Shift Key + S

This is a shortcut command or key to capturing the screenshot. Press Windows key + Shift Key + S key simultaneously and your desired screen or part of the screen which you wanted to capture will be copied to your clipboard. You can either paste the captured part by pressing Control (Ctrl) + V key or view it in any of the picture editing software like Snipping tool, edit it and save it as per your choice How to screenshot hp.

If you are using the older version of Windows i.e. earlier than windows 10, then you may not be able to use this functionality or feature. However, Windows 10 has launched this new feature somewhere in October 2018 updates. This feature allows users to capture or grab part of their screen using the shortcut key as Windows key + Shift Key + S key.

Best Option: Taking a Screenshot using Mark up Hero on HP

Mark up Hero will not only allow you to capture the screenshot but also access, edit the screenshot and annotate them in one go. This also helps not only in establishing or creating a clear line of communication but also improve your workflow. This will allow you to add tags to your images How to screenshot hp, sort your images in a separate folder to help you to be organized. Uploaded screenshots can also be shared with your friends, family, and colleagues easily. Follow steps as mentioned below, its very simple:

Download the free Mark up Hero App on your HP Desktop or Laptop How to screenshot hp. This is free and it does not even require signing up anywhere. Moreover, this works well across all the operating systems like Windows or even MAC or Linux.

Once it is downloaded, go to My PC and look for your Download folder. Look for the .exe file which you have downloaded recently and double click the file or right-click and hit the Run button to start the installation.

Meantime, to start the application, use the shortcut key as Control (Ctrl) + Shift Key + 1.

As soon as you capture the screenshot (either the entire screen or part of your screen), Markup Hero will upload the image on the Internet which will allow you to share it instantly with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Also as mentioned above, in addition to capturing the screenshot, you can use various tools available like Annotate, Insert an image, Edit Image, etc.


Though HP Laptops & Desktops offers various & number of ways to capture the screenshots, it may not be as effective as the tool which has variety and rich options. With the Markup Hero, accessing the documents or images, editing the images, sharing them over the internet becomes very user-friendly with minimum effort.

Whatever method you choose to capture the screenshot, what most important is to preserve your memories, important documents, presentations, notes, etc. Hope this helps you a lot. Please feel free to share this guide with your neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues. How to screenshot hp ? we discussed in detail to take screenshots in your hp laptops.


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